Soar Trampolining!

img_2137-editOur group of youngsters were certainly jumping for joy as they bounced into Soar Trampoline Park!

Dodge ball whilst jumping around on a trampoline – easy! Gladiator wrestling – peasy! Ladder climbing – lemon squeezy! …. Turns out the lighter frames of the girls meant they were much better than the boys at these games – well done to the girls for beating the boys!

There was also foam pit jumping and so much more – the group had a fantastic time! They even enjoyed racing the YLF staff members up and down the trampolines, giving them super confidence knowing they were quicker than the adults!img_2141-edit

Once everyone was all bounced out, they headed to the Party Room to enjoy lunch and have conversations about their achievements … we also had a fun game of Chinese Whispers before heading home – a game not played in a long time!

“I loved climbing the ladder! I nearly won and got to ring the bell, but then it flipped and I fell off – I beat the boys though!” Megan

img_2153-edit“I loved playing dodge ball. It was so funny, especially on a trampoline!” Simon

“Soar was just awesome!” Sophie