Entitlements & Useful Links


The MCYPC believe you can make a BIG DIFFERENCE. We also believe that knowledge is power.

Here are some useful links that could help you:

FC guide picFostering Guide

…To help young people understand what foster care is all about. Hopefully this guide will also answer any questions you might have about foster care.

Click here

LAC Bursary

…If you are over 16, you can apply to use this bursary for education or training purposes.

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become_logoBecome (Formally The Who Cares? Trust)

…Are there to help children in care to thrive. You can find out information, read publications and get advice and support about being in care.


LAC Nurse Newsletter

…Tells you how to keep yourself safe and healthy. It also tells you who you can contact if you are worried or need advice on health.

Click here

Lucy LackLAC Nurse Facebook

…You can stay in touch with the LAC Nurse team via social media.

Click here or head to www.facebook.com and search ‘Lucy Lack’