HeadStart Mentoring


HeadStart’s ambition is to equip young people to better deal with difficult circumstances in their lives, so as to prevent them from experiencing common emotional and mental health problems

HeadStart will focus on building a sustainable system where every young person in Kent will be able to say with confidence:

“People around me understand wellbeing and how to promote it.”

“My overall wellbeing is not impacted by the pressure to achieve and to be perfect.”

“There is always someone for me to talk to.”

Read the YLF Mentoring Leaflet for Professionals
Read the YLF Mentoring Leaflet for Young People

HeadStart partners can refer a young person by completing this referral form. This form must be emailed across with the Domains Based Conversation Document to ylfheadstart@ylf.org.uk.

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To give feedback or comments about our services (including complaints) please email: feedback@ylf.org.uk