The Young Lives Foundation

The Young Lives Foundation (YLF) is an award winning independent children’s charity with expertise in Advocacy, Mentoring, Befriending and Activity Programmes

Our Vision: We believe that every young person in need should have access to the resources and opportunities needed for them to achieve their potential and lead fulfilled lives.

Our Mission: Is to be alongside children and young people in need in ways that:
Enable their voices to be heard and champion their rights and interests – Support them through times of difficulty and distress – Assist them to achieve their potential

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Ben Says

“Volunteering as a mentor is so rewarding knowing I’m making a positive change in a young person’s life.”

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Did you know?

Since the pandemic, demand for our services has increased by 60%. Now, more than ever, we need your help…

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Paige Says

“YLF stood by me, always listen and because of them I have pride in myself and confidence to achieve.”

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How You Can Help

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Volunteers can gain valuable skills and be part of the YLF team making a real difference to young people’s lives

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There are so many ways you can get involved at YLF. Fundraise at school, the office or with friends and make a difference today

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There are thousands of vulnerable children in need of support. Making a donation could change their lives

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Refer a young person

Make a referral today for one of our services to start receiving tailored support

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