School-based Mentoring

YLF mentors can support student mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Mentors can provide young people with a safe environment to access an independent, trusted person to talk to and share their problems and feelings.

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Did you know?

YLF are one of the only services to offer a minimum of 6 months support per young person!

The Young Lives Foundation’s Mentoring offer is a young person led service, allowing each arrangement to be bespoke to their individual circumstances and needs.

As an independent service, young people and school support staff have trusted, valued and professional relationships with mentors who are able to provide 1:1 and group support to those in need.

We collaboratively support the wellbeing of students in an ever growing time of need.

“My mentor has helped me deal with my situation. I’m less worried and it has helped to talk about my problems and manage them so I can let it go.” – Young Person

“Thank you! The opportunity that Young Lives has given to our young students has been amazing. The fact they attend regularly each week and are engaging well speaks for itself. What a fantastic opportunity for our school.” – School Teacher

“Mentoring has helped me to realise and accept my mental health, have confidence in myself and feel comforted. You’ve been amazing, you’ve helped me so much.” – Young Person

“A massive thank you for all of your hard work with some of our most vulnerable students. You wont believe how much of a difference it makes to these young people’s lives. Keep up the great work!” – Family Liaison Officer

“I have someone to express my emotions to and not bottle them up like I have done most of my life.” – Young Person

Further Information

For further information please contact:

Tom Ellis – Mentoring Coordinator for Kent and Medway Schools
07958 451133 / 01622 693459

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