Independent Person Services

YLF provide a number of additional independent services that support young or vulnerable people and ensure their rights are met.

Specialist Services

Independent Person Service

An Independent Person (IP) is appointed to oversee the process of a Stage Two Complaints Investigation about children’s services which fall under the statutory complaints procedure.

An IP is not an Advocate for the complainant. The role of the IP is to work alongside the Investigating Officer to provide an independent and objective view to the investigation. Our IPs comply with timescales for completion in line with requirements of The Children Act 1989 Representations Procedure Regulations and Guidance, ‘Getting the Best From Complaints’. They provide a written report on the investigation written in plain language.

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Secure Accommodation Reviews

YLF provide Independent Persons for Secure Accommodation Reviews who are DBS checked, highly trained, and are experts in Secure Accommodation Panels. They ensure that the young person’s wishes and feelings are represented.

The purpose of a Secure Accommodation Review is to review the young person’s progress, consider whether the criteria for keeping them in secure accommodation continues to apply, and/or whether another form of accommodation would be appropriate.

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Return Interviews

Statutory guidance states that local authorities must offer independent return interviews to young people who go missing or run away from their home.

YLF provide return interviews and informal conversations in line with local authority safeguarding procedures, allowing young people the opportunity to talk to someone independent about the push and pull factors which led them to run away. Our friendly trained staff develop trusting relationships with young people so that they can explore the reason why the young person went missing, the levels of risk their experienced and where and how to get help should they find themselves in that situation again. During the conversation, solutions are explored and a plan is drawn up led by the young person about how they feel their situation could be improved and what immediate and long term support may be required.

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What People Say

“I wish to express my profound gratitude for the sincere, thorough and unbiased work you carried out on the stage two complaint investigation.

I appreciate the painstaking effort you made to go through those numerous correspondences and reports to establish the facts, and the fair but uncompromising manner in which you disclosed your findings. This is really reassuring to me that there are still honest folks out there, following my terrible ordeal with social services. Thank you for your good work!” Anon, Complainant

“Your volunteer Appropriate Adult not only went above and beyond her role requirements but she was very personable, kind and supportive to the victim. The female was grateful to have her there and so were Police. We are all very grateful for her dedication and I look forward to working with her again in the future.” PC Boyden, Kent Police

“The skill, dedication and empathy the volunteers show to detainees is first class. It is a vital service and I am grateful to the volunteers for their continued support.” Mark Chambers, Chief Inspector, Kent Police

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