YLF Friends

YLF friends are regular donors who give as little as £2 per month to support our young people

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Our Friends

Making regular donations makes all the difference. It means we can plan ahead, continue to support vulnerable young people in Kent and give them opportunities to live fulfilled lives.

You can support YLF in an easy and affordable way that spreads the cost for you throughout the year and suits your budget.

As a friend of YLF we will ensure you are given VIP treatment and that 100% of your donation supports the development of our projects and services.

Become a Friend Today

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£2 a month

Start a disadvantaged young person’s journey with an initial first meeting with a volunteer to set and work towards achievable personal goals. Give them something to be proud about.

£5 a month

A vulnerable young person and their volunteer can spend the day enjoying a new experience in the community – increasing the young person’s confidence and changing their outlook on life.

£10 a month

Socially excluded young people can go ice skating together in a group, sharing in a new experience with friends, developing new skills and having fun.

£20 a month

A disadvantaged young person can go on a three-night summer activity camp with a group – an experience they’ve never had before – a holiday, friendship building, memories and MAGIC!

“It’s special knowing that the little amount I give each month goes a long way to helping the future of a local young person.” YLF Friend

Being A Friend

VIP Treatment

As a friend not only will you be providing critical support for young people but your generosity will also enable us to continue and expand our services to disadvantaged families across Kent. You will also be given a welcome pack for your loyalty and receive:

a gift in your welcome pack

invites to exclusive events

regular communication

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More Information

If you would like more information about becoming a friend today, please contact Amy on Fundraising@ylf.org.uk or 01622 693459

Thank you!

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