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So the Friday everyone was excited about arrived….The big Match Day! Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go to the Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham, 17:30! Everyone started turning up at the stadium and the crowd was growing, the young people were ready to face the giants of Medway. As the first game started, the crowd was roaring like a pride of lions. Everyone gave it their all.

The MCYPC juniors were the first to play and won the first match of the 3! As time went on, the weather started to change and so did the team. The MCYPC senior’s team were up next, with the crowd still bellowing behind them, and although the clouds got darker, the team didn’t stop. As it hit half time, the MCYPC senior’s crowded around for a team talk.

With the second half under-way it was clear the team talk worked as the MCYPC Senior’s scored and defended brilliantly! As the rain started, the game came to an end! This wasn’t the end of the battling though!

The third game started, but this didn’t stop the MCYPC care leavers who continued to fight the rain and Medway Council. The MCYPC care leavers were resilient and kept battling, despite Medway continuing to score. Everyone was smiling especially YLF’s new mascot, ‘Lenny the lion’ and our very own cheerleaders.   As the game came to an end, Medway had won their first game with the rain on their side.

After everyone had got soaked by the rain they were escorted to the players’ lounge for the trophy collection and refreshments, where Medway Council & the MCYPC’s representative Andrew Mackness, presented the CEO of YLF, Stephen Gray, with a huge surprise donation of £1000! He was joined by actor Harry Reid and Olympic Gold Medallist James Hall!  It was a phenomenal night with brilliant effort from everyone. The MCYPC have done it again! (two years in a row) Hope to see everyone next year!

Huge thanks to Gillingham Football Club and Medway Council for supporting us!

STIGMA – the new film from MCYPC!

We are extremely proud to announce the MCYPC stigma film, 2018, has been launched! As you know, stigma is faced by young people globally every day and as a council we are very passionate to challenge it particularly for young people in care.

The film is a follow up to our previous Stigma film, 2014, as this is still an ongoing issue, and we have launched this as part of anti-bulling week as stigma plays a big part in bullying which you will see in the film. #chooserespect #antibullyingweek

MCYPC New look and Latest Newsletter!!

The MCYPC have been very busy creating a new and improved news letter for you all to read, we hope that you feel it is an improvement on the previous style and easier to look at!! If you have any feed back about this or have any ways you feel we could improve it even further or if you ever have a story you would like us to include in the news letter please email us at mcypc@ylf.org.uk. Please read the news letter here:

MCYPC Newsletter Oct 2018 (002)



It was a lovely, hot, sunny evening and the MCYPC crew were getting ready for another fun packed event with Medway’s Corporate Parenting Group. It wasn’t long before the Mayor’s Lawn was swarming with people and there was a feeling of summer, excitement and happiness as everyone mixed and mingled with each other, saying hello to friends and being introduced to professionals. After a lovely introduction from the Director of Children and Adult Services, Ian Sutherland, and the Mayor of Medway, the night was in full flow: karaoke, football, sumo wrestling, archery and lots of hot dogs and burgers freshly cooked on the barbeque, everyone was enjoying the evening.

There were medals for those that scored a goal in the football shootout, microphones for each person that wanted to sing, sumo suits for the wrestlers and a long queue for the barbecue. The night closed with a duet of ‘You Raise Me Up’ for the CPG. Thank you to Medway’s Corporate Parenting Group members, the MCYPC members, Medway Youth Service, the Old Vicarage, the YLF team and all of the foster carers and elected members that came along to support the event!

It’s Coming Home!

It was a warm, exciting evening and a hopeful buzz swarmed the Strood academy pitch as the 30 strong MCYPC squad and Medway Council teams gathered to play their annual football match. Inspired by England’s young three lions team of 2018, both teams were looking good and ready to play!

There was a steady rise of competitiveness as both teams shook hands. The MCYPC were the first to score closely followed by another. The game was already at an outstanding play, with the score of 2-0 to the MCYPC. Medway got comfortable on the pitch, scoring 2 more goals. Minutes to go until the half time whistle was blown and the MCYPC scored again leaving it 3-2 at half time. A quick refresher 10 minute break and the teams were ready to continue with the battle for the trophy. Medway came back on to the pitch raring to go and ready to do their best to retrieve the trophy.

Scoring another goal the MCYPC took the score up to a sensational 4-2. The pressure was doubled and Medway did what it took to score two more goals, the teams were at a tie… the next moves would be the ones to determine who would be taking the trophy home, would the MCYPC be crowned the champions for another year or would Medway win back the trophy that the MCYPC took away last year.

The MCYPC scored, quickly followed by another goal from Medway. The MCYPC strong squad meant we could rotate our players constantly freshening up the team, in the hope they would could score as many goals in the pure hope of victory. With 10 minutes to go, Medway scored again. The MCYPC stuck to each other like glue, a sign of pure unity, respect and teamwork, they scored. The score was 6-6. 5 minutes to go!

The MCYPC scored yet again, but despite the lack of time left, the defence played at their finest but Medway shot another goal into the back of the net as the whistle blew! The score was 7-7. The time was up and the decision was made for it to go to penalties.

All 30 of the MCYPC players lined up as did all 20 of the Medway Professionals, shot after shot went in to the back of the goal, but what was the score? After the MCYPC’s Team Captain took the final shot both teams anticipated the score…. Who would take the trophy home this year? The ref calculated the result and this was it, the wait was over.

The MCYPC had won 13-11 on penalties and were taking home the trophy for the second time! Football did come home in 2018 after all!

With HUGE thanks to Strood Academy, Medway Council, Cllr Mackness, Andy Willetts, Stewart King (referee for the night) all supporters and to all who took part in the day whether playing or spectating. Well done team MCYPC!

Care Leavers Graduation!

It was real honour and privilege to be invited to Medway Councils Youth Awards at the home of Gillingham Football Club, Priestfields, where we honoured 5 of our MCYPC care leavers on their graduation. Having journeyed with these 5 young adults from their earlier years we were so proud to see them graduate and celebrate all they have achieved and contributed to YLF and the MCYPC over the years. 

They have offered wonderful advice, critique, been excellent role models, challenged Stigma, volunteered with YLF in India and achieved a great deal in their lives.

It was fitting to be able to share in the celebrating of all things ‘Youth’ and ‘Achievement’ with Medway Youth Services and we had a thoroughly inspirational and enjoyable evening.

Thank you to Medway Council, Medway Youth and Medway Youth Council for such a great evening.

Talent Show 2018!

It was the morning of July 5th and the MCYPC Talent Night 2018. Preparations for the night ahead were going smoothly and before the crew knew it, they were heading to Woodlands Youth Centre to make sure the finishing touches were in place for the excitement ahead.

Judges seated, audience waiting, the night was ready to commence. Our acts waiting in the side-lines, our presenters opened the evening. With spectacular solos, dramatic 

duets and great group dances, the show commenced and the feeling in the room was one of awe, excitement and pure happiness.

Our panel of positivity judges spoke to our participants after each performance, feeding back their views on the acts and spreading positivity throughout the room. The audience participated by clapping along, waving their flash lights and cheering each act on. With smiles, jokes and laughter, it was a great night and ended with well- deserved certificates being handed out by Medway professionals Ann Domeney and Ian Sutherland, to each and every participant.


Fire and Rescue Take Over Day!

On Tuesday the 13th of February 2018, the MCYPC gang headed to Rochester Fire Station for another fun packed takeover day. The MCYPC learnt a variety of different things such as; road safety, water safety, fire fitness, thinking and stopping distances and the importance of not using a phone whilst driving and the dangers of doing so.

There were activities such as an interactive platform that taught the young people spacial awareness. The fire service re-enacted a scene in which a young person had been using their phone whilst driving. The MCYPC were then shown to a scene in which it appeared two cars had crashed into each other. They were asked to find out as much as they could about the accident from the two cars and later reported back that instead of two cars, there had been a third which was not present at the scene, but remains of the car confirmed the MCYPC’s suspicions.

After a quick lunch the MCYPC headed towards the auditorium to paIMG_4102rticipate in a quiz to test what they had learnt before learning the fitness routine that a firefighter does to keep fit and healthy.

“I give today a 10/10. It was ‘sick’”

“I really enjoyed today. I’ve learnt so much because it was really educational”

“Today was awesome. I loved investigating the crash to see what happened and who was responsible”

Both staff and young people agreed that the day was a huge success and the MCYPC members left the station knowing a lot more about the Fire and Rescue service

pledge_Meeting Summary

Another successful meeting which always means a meeting summary! find out what weve been up to here!



                               Coram Voices Writing Competition

cwCalling anyone who may be feeling creative!! Coram have just launched their third annual ‘Voices’ creative writing competition for children in care and young care leavers and we want to do our very best to help them promote the competition.The competition (open ‪until 8 February 2018) provides a positive platform for care-experienced young people to express their voices and talents, when so often there can be misunderstanding and stigma around the care system, and what children in care can achieve.

coram picThe theme is ‘Who or What Makes You Proud’. Children and young   people can enter any form of writing including poems, stories and raps of up to 500 words. You can read 2017’s shortlisted entries here to give you a flavour of these children’s talent and creativity


Please see the link below for a press release with further details of the competition.http://www.coramvoice.org.uk/voices-2018

newsletter iconMCYPC Autumn Newsletter

Your autumn edition newsletter is out and on its way to you! Read what we’ve been up to here!



summaryMCYPC Meeting Summary!

Your MCYPC Summary from the last meeting has arrived… catch up on all things MCYPC here!



KarleigIMG_3791h’s Speech at Medway’s Partnership Event

On Thursday the 5th of October Karleigh and Sarah attended Medway’s Partnership Event to present to all the attendees the Stigma film and speak about the stigma that circulates in the lives of children in care in Medway.


reportFrom Care to Where Report

Here at the Young Lives Foundation you know we all care about our young people from the age of 7 to 21, and we know that approaching the age of 18 is a scary time too, so we thought we would give you a guide that can help you prepare for leaving care, help you learn how to find a home and help you after you have left care. This guide will also inform you of the possible challenges ahead and how to overcome them. Please find the report here !

going Live picGoing Live in 3..2..1!

On Thursday the 17th of August 2017, Karleigh, Ellisse, Chloe and Dean arrived at the YLF Headquarters in Maidstone to await the arrival of Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott, to participate in YLF’s first ever live broadcast! With eager young people awaiting his presence, Matthew turned up with everything needed for the moments ahead. With 3 questions to ask each young person and 4 questions for him, the live interview kicked off with introductions and Matthew interviewing the young people about their YLF journeys. The time passed quickly and the crew had now been given their chance to ask Matthew questions about his job, what he does and what he enjoys most within his role of PCC. The interview came to an end but enough time was left for a catch up and another little thank you to Matthew for kindly donating us our winning kits that led us to victory in our recent football matches. to see the live video click here and see the answers the young people gave to Matthew and what he fed back to them!

Picture1 kimLooked After Childrens – Health Team Newsletter

Kim and the team have sent out their brilliant news letter with tips on how to stay safe in the sun, how to be safe online and a delicious healthy recipe! Its definitely worth a read and a great way to keep healthy. If you have any concerns about your heath please contact Kim and her amazing team. Please read the newsletter here: Looked After Childrens Health Team Newsletter

anne Longfield

The Regional Children in Care Council Event

On Tuesday the 1st of August 2017, Sarah and Karleigh headed to Oxford to attend the regional Children in Care Council meeting and present the Medway Children in Care Council’s Stigma film and raise full awareness of the issue. The meeting was attended by Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield and Children in Care Councils from Kent, Portsmouth and many other locations, where the issue around stigma was discussed thoroughly. The CiCCs came up with the idea that in the future, all CiCCs in the region would come together to make a new stigma film to publicise the issue to all of the Children in Care within the region, to other schools and to be shown in professional settings. The Participation crew came away from Oxford with high hopes for the future and the positive feeling that we are now closer than ever to tackling stigma. Watch this space to stay up to date on the progress of stigma. We look forward to the change that is soon to come!

DancingThe CiCC & Corporate Parenting Board Summer BBQ

On Thursday the 6th of July Medway’s Corporate Parenting Board hosted Medway’s Children in Care Council at an American Independence Day themed BBQ. The sun was shining on the beautiful Mayor’s lawn at Gun Wharf as the Mayor awaited the arrival of lots of excited young people all dressed in red, white and blue.

mayor picThis event was an opportunity for professionals at Medway Council and those on the Corporate Parenting Board to meet and interact with the young people they support to improve and build relationships. The event began with an opening from Mayor David Wildey and the young people were soon having fun on all the activities including Nerf wars, football and a very busy karaoke!

sumoFun was had by all as the sun set over the River Medway with all the young people feeling full after the American style hotdogs, burgers, jelly and ice-cream! It was great to see the young people spending time with professionals in a relaxed and fun environment. Councillor’s Andrew Mackness and Kelly Tolhurst also attended and spent time talking to members of the CiCC. A wonderful evening was had by all and it was a great opportunity for the CiCC to engage with the Corporate Parenting Board.

cicc V Medway SS football Match 2017 307CiCC vs Medway Council Football Match 2017

Well they did it again! The CiCC roared their way to victory for the second time this year winning two matches against their local social services. A youngsters friendly match took place leaving the Medway team hanging their heads in defeat only to get beaten again in the match against the older participants with the end result 6-2 to the CiCC team! Read more here

disable the label.#

Disable the Label Survey

We need your views! We have created a survey for you to express your thoughts on removing the label for you!. Find it here!


cicc_summary_picCiCC Meeting Summary…

Your CiCC want you to know what happened at the last meeting and we want you to stay up to date!  Read your up to date CiCC Meeting Summary sheet here!

SUMMARY March 2017


gills presentation

Presentation at Gillingham Football Ground!!

On Saturday April 22nd, CiCC Chair Ed, Participation Apprentice and 2 CiCC representatives went to Priestfield Stadium to present their thank you gift to Paul Scally for allowing the CiCC and Kent Police to use the pitch in their CiCC vs Kent Police football match on the April 10th. What an amazing experience!

Read all about it!! Latest CiCC News Letter

Our latest newsletter is packed full of CiCC updates, helpful info and ways you can get involved to get your voice and opinions heard! Read all about our latest trips and hear from our new Chairman.

Please read our latest edition of the CiCC Newsletter Spring 2017



CiCC vs Kent Police Football Match

On Monday 10th April the CiCC soared their way to victory in a match against Kent Police. After a full 90 minutes, the PCC getting on the pitch and many swap overs the day was a great success! Find out about our CiCC vs Kent Police Football match here!  



CiCC Talent Show…

On Thursday 30th March the CiCC held a Talent Show to show the participants how remarkable their talents are. From poetry to YLF’S Ant ‘n’ Dec doing the “cha cha” slide, the night truly was one the members of the CiCC and those that came along to watch won’t be forgetting any time soon!


CiCC Update…  IMG_2553

See what your CiCC have been up to since December from aeroplanes to police vans. Read more here  CiCC Update Jan to April 2017 

Summary of the latest CiCC meeting coming soon!


Police Takeover Day…                   IMG_2481

The Children in Care Council (CiCC) took over Kent Police for a day to fulfil the existing roles of current police officers, sergeants, detectives and managers to find out what they do in their everyday life and to challenge the stigma some young people have around the role of the police force. 
Please read more about it here


Image result for ten out of ten Rate your social worker…

Have your opportunity to give feedback about your social worker with our survey! We will be feeding this back to Medway Council so they can look at the improvements that can be made within the pledge. Click here to take the survey.

pledge_Medway’s New Pledge… 

Medway has now officially agreed to the Medway CiCC’s Pledge for 2017. This pledge has come directly from young people in our Children in Care Council and we will be making sure that everyone makes an effort toward this pledge.

Read more about the CICC Pledge 2017

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