Mentoring for Care Leavers

YLF supports care leavers through mentoring to achieve a sense of confidence and achievement by helping them to strive towards their goals, to promote the skills required to live independently and tackles isolation.

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The Programme

Many young people face numerous challenges when they transition out of care. They may face financial challenges, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, difficulties in finding work, and much more.

A Leaving Care Mentor can motivate and assist a care leaver, develop their confidence and skills required to live independently, and if requested, can advocate on their behalf at meetings or appointments.

The programme is delivered to care leavers in Medway and Kent and our aim is to continue to expand this service across the South East.

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What Leaving Care Mentors Do

Visit once a week / every other week

Provide regular phone contact by call or text

Help with budgeting

Help maintain accommodation

Give support in finding a job

What People Say

“My mentor stood by me through the transition of leaving care, helped me move into my new accommodation and always had an ear to listen.” Karleigh, care leaver

“In the short time I have known the lads, I have never seen them so animated as they were when talking to you. I just wanted to thank you in advance for all you are doing for them, you are the perfect person to be their mentor. I know they appreciate it and it will be great for them.” Si, carer

“Without my mentor and YLF’s support, I don’t think I would have completed my apprenticeship.” K, care leaver

What Next?

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Become a Mentor

Find out how to volunteer as a Mentor and start supporting a young person

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Get a Mentor

Find out how to make an enquiry to start receiving support from a Mentor

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More Info

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