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Share views, experiences and ideas for improvements to the care system with a Medway Challenge Card!

Medway children in care and care leavers told us they would like managers and decision makers to have a good understanding of the challenges they face in care so that their experiences can be used to make positive change. They wanted their feedback to be listened to and taken seriously and see evidence that action has been taken to improve the care experience. So, the Challenge Card was created!

What Is A Medway Challenge Card?

Challenge Cards are a quick and easy way for young people to share views and experiences of being in care and let Medway’s top managers know how they would like to see them improve support, services and the care system.

If you are a Medway young person and have a Challenge for Medway Council or thoughts on how they can improve, from foster placements, to social worker training, all you need to do put it on a Medway Challenge Card and we will do the rest on your behalf!

>>>> If you are a Medway young person in care or a Medway care leaver aged up to 24, wherever you live, you can submit a Medway Challenge Card to us!

What Do You Do With Them?

Completed Challenge Cards are shared anonymously at our MCYPC meetings. The top managers in Medway who have responsibility for decisions made about Children’s Services will be at these meetings. They will be able to listen and take on board the points or challenge raised.

If we are able to take forward the Challenge, we will work to a deadline to see it’s completed (if it can’t be completed we find out why and let you know).

Once actioned, it will be formally signed off by MCYPC and Medway’s Corporate Parenting Board and the MCYPC will share the outcome on our social media platforms and website.

Submit a Challenge Card:

Our pretty Challenge Cards are available in council and youth hub buildings across Medway, or you can ask your social worker/PA for one.

If you prefer, you can complete the form below to submit your Challenge:

  • Write your views and experiences you would like considered as part of your Challenge to Medway, or share your ideas for improvements.
  • *This is optional* All Challenges are presented as Anonymous at the MCYPC meetings whether or not you provide your name.
  • *This is optional*
  • *This is optional* Please provide a way of contacting you if you wish for us to personally get in touch about your Challenge or its progress
  • *This is optional* Please provide a way of contacting you if you wish for us to personally get in touch about your Challenge or its progress
    *If you select any of these options, we will require at least one way of contacting you - please put this in the box above*
    *ALL boxes must be checked in order to process your Challenge Card*
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