At YLF, we pride ourselves in delivering practical, high quality and effective training and learning opportunities to those working with vulnerable children.

Stephen speakingWe provide a wide range of tailor made packages based on our wealth of experience. These packages are designed to inform others of simple approaches that will enhance and develop an innovative child-centred approach in day-to-day work with young people.

We have worked with a variety of social care professionals and volunteers including social workers, foster carers, independent visitors and appropriate adults. Our training can take the form of workshops, seminars, training days or as speakers at conferences, events and  team meetings; delivered to you in-house (or by arrangement) by highly experienced trainers.

“The workshop was exactly what I had hoped for. The students have had plenty of input around process and procedure and the training that they received this morning will help them recognise the young person at the centre of the process and to support them as social workers.” Mary | Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Kent

All of our training reflects best practice and current legislation along with findings from our own unique research and consultation exercises with children and young people

This ensures that the voices and views of children are represented along with their experiences and perspectives of the care system and other support structures. Where appropriate, participation of young people can be included in the packages – they often do it better anyway!


All our trainers are highly qualified and experienced in their field. YLF’s particular field of expertise covers:

Being an Appropriate Adult This package is based on 3 main principles of acting as an appropriate adult and offers a framework for good practice as well as introduction to PACE
Befriending and Mentoring Children and Young People An introduction to the skill, qualities and attributes required to act as effective mentors and befrienders to children and young people
Listening to Children Using the ‘EAR’ acronym this package introduces the concept of ‘active listening’ and offers simple techniques for adults to enhance their listening skills and become better active listeners
The Voice of the Child Based on recent feedback from children and young people this training considers the ‘Top 10’ qualities children look for in professionals and challenges professionals to see if they tick all the boxes!
Challenging Stigma Training package including a short film developed from research by young people about challenging stigma so that young people in care are not treated differently to other young people

Why Choose YLF?

YLF consult with young people when designing the training resources. Their input reflects the child-centred practice we aim to achieve An introduction to the skill, qualities and attributes required to act as effective mentors and befrienders to children and young people
All training packages are tailor made to your requirements so you can be sure that the training outcomes will meet your needs Every participant will receive training aids, handouts and certificates
We can also involve young people in delivering parts of the workshops and training – they do a great job of it too! We encourage participants to give feedback about their learning experience to create training packages based on reflection and innovation

“This was really good training, it kept me engaged throughout and I feel much more confident about taking it to the next stage, thank you to YLF.” Louise | Student Social Worker

“Each training session was essential.  They allowed the trainees to gradually build up their knowledge, and thus gain confidence in their ability to perform their duties to an appropriate standard.” Rob | Trainee Appropriate Adult

“Extremely well organised and a pleasure to be a part of it!” Eileen | Trainee Mentor

“I would like to say thanks again for your support with the skills to foster training today.  We had very positive feedback from the group in regard to the content and the value of your participation.” Lisa | Fostering Team at Medway

Please contact us with your training enquiries