Our trained volunteer Mentors motivate, guide and assist young people considered to be at risk of offending, socially excluded or in need of support.

Mentoring Programmes

YLF Mentoring

Mentors are positive role models who inspire, encourage and guide young people to achieve their potential. They offer personalised one-to-one support to help improve young people’s lives.

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HeadStart Mentoring

YLF is commissioned by HeadStart Kent to deliver mentoring intervention for 10-16 year olds across all Kent districts. HeadStart’s ambition is to better equip young people to help deal with difficult circumstances in their lives, with the aim to prevent common emotional and mental health problems and build resilience.

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Care Leaver Mentoring

YLF’s new and innovative care leaver mentoring programme is available to those leaving the care of Medway’s Children Services. A care leaving Mentor can help young adults feel confident, prepared and have a sense of belonging during the transition of leaving foster care, reducing loneliness and isolation.

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Life As A Mentor

Watch our video about mentoring for YLF, by Grace, a YLF volunteer Mentor…

What People Say

“Having a Mentor helped me find a club to join in my area and to get on better at home.” Jay, young person

“We’ve been delighted the progress some of our more needy children have made. The difference it has made has been so obvious. Children on the verge of exclusion are now engaging with the school, they are happier in class and more willing to participate. The families have also noticed a positive change.” Sharron Parish, school teacher

“My Mentor stood by me through the transition of leaving care, helped me move into my new accommodation and always had an ear to listen.” Dan, young person

“Without my Mentor and YLF’s support, I don’t think I would have completed my apprenticeship.” Karleigh, young person

What Next?

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Become A Mentor

Find out how to volunteer as a Mentor and start supporting a young person

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Get A Mentor

Find out how to make an enquiry to start receiving support from a Mentor

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Resources For You

Download our Mentoring leaflet and read more about our other services