Paddy’s Blog | Week 36

10/08/2015 | By Paddy...

"The real countdown to India begins - not many days to go now!! I knew that this week was going to be a busy one doing last minute things before the trip.

I made lots of phone calls to foster carers about emergency contact details and transport arrangements of the young people heading to the airport on Friday for India. I also helped put together not only a folder of info for all those coming on the India trip but a second folder of information for Lisa, our duty manager whilst in India.

This week I also had a telephone assessment with Tracey which went well. She informed me that I have won an iPad Mini after I completed a survey about my NVQ - they said I had done so well and was achieving so much on my NVQ that I deserved it! I was well impressed!

Thursday was the last day in the office before we all set off for India. I called around the young people to ask them how they are feeling and what they are expecting. All of them were in very high spirits but nervous too. We are so excited and I am looking forward to telling you about it!!"