Bowling Party!

bowling 2015 4On Wednesday 10th June, a group of 12 young people and 3 staff met at the Lockmeadow Bowling Centre in Maidstone for a bowling party!

The evening gave young people the opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as make new friends and have some competitive fun. For some, bowling was a new experience, for others it was a chance to show how it was done!

We grouped into 3 teams and the competition was on!! There was 'inside information' being shared amongst the young people such as which were the best balls to use and how to get a strike! And before we knew it, some of the group bowled strikes (including staff!) and were even rewarded with stickers - good job!

bowling 2015 3Food was up! We all ate burgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs and chips but soon the competetion was back on! Another game of bowling was played and everyone did so well! The group then finished the evening playing in the arcades before it was time to set off.

A good night was had by all!