Egg-citing Easter Activities

What happens when the Young People rule Easter break?!...

IMG_0036Chessington Wildness 
On Wednesday 4 April young people headed to Chessington for some white knuckle fun and excitement. Despite the mixed weather young people loved going on all of the rides and were lucky enough to skip some of the long queues thanks to some donated fast track tickets. Thanks Denise!
For some of the young people this was their first experience of Chessington and they had an amazing time and were keen to look at the photos after each ride to see who looked the most scared or was pulling the funniest face! On the way home, Dragon’s Fury was voted their favourite ride and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and they can’t wait to come back again soon……

“I like to try new things and especially scary rides because it helps me overcome my fears”

“This is so much fun. I’ve had an amazing day”

“Chessington is awesome and I got to make a new friend”

IMG_0043Hopping Fun at Gravity 

On Thursday 5 April, YLF young people had a great afternoon at Gravity Trampoline Park! They arrived in awe of what to expect, and dashed in excitedly ready to see what the place was like.

“I have never been to Gravity before, I can’t wait to see what it is like”

Once inside, the excitement kicked in; everyone was jumping up and down ready to hit the trampolines. The party host greeted everyone and showed them to their VIP Party area, where they received everything they needed to hit the trampolines. Once given their socks and safety instructions it was time to bounce!

After one hour of constant bouncing, enjoying the party session, flips and dodgeball, everyone headed off for the well needed rest, lots of great food, mocktails and silly jokes before heading on their way home.

“Today was awesome, I loved the disco part the best”

“I loved just being able to bounce”

“I had to get used to the rules on the trampoline but then it was cool”

Juniors Fire Day IMG_4105

On Wednesday 11 April 2018, the MCYPC Juniors went to Rochester fire station for a day to learn the role of a firefighter. They learnt about the importance of having a working smoke alarm and what to do if a smoke alarm should go off whilst you are at home and you don’t know the reason for the alarm going off.

They dressed in their fire gear, learnt how to prepare the hoses for use, including underailing the hose, attaching the hosepipes together, using the water hydrant in the ground and finally using the hosepipes and changing the pressure of the water coming out.

Quickly falling back into the formation of being at ease they had learnt earlier on in the day, they listened closely to the firefighters to know when they had to stand at attention. The new and improved firefighting gang left the fire station full of knowledge on how to keep themselves safe in times of need. Another successful fire service takeover day to say the least!

“Today was really fun! I really enjoyed using the hoses, especially when we got the firefighters wet!”

“I really enjoyed today and I learnt a lot. I know how to keep myself safe when the smoke alarm goes off!”

IMG_0073Thorpe Park Highs

To round off the Easter break, the young people had an awesome time at Thorpe Park! Upon arrival everyone shot off to the rides they wanted to get on first, and there they found that thanks to the weather there was little queuing so it meant more ride time, which made everyone very happy!

There was the water ride craziness, spinning tea cup dizziness, the need for speed and height;and lots of loops too!

After a morning of this it was time to take a breather enjoy some food and talk about how cool the rides were, and what rides they wanted to hit next.

“I have never been here before, I was really nervous about going on a roller coaster, I am so pleased I have, it was the coolest thing ever!”

After a much needed rest it was time to hit the last of the rides before heading home.

“Thorpe Park was so much fun”

“Coming to Thorpe Park has made me feel more confident”

“Thorpe Park was amazeballs!”

“Thorpe Park helped me to face my fear of heights”