February Half Term Fun

Fire and Rescue Take Over Day!

The Medway Children and Young People Council (MCYPC - formally know as the Children in Care Council) headed to Rochester Fire Station for fun packed takeover day. The MCYPC learnt a variety of different things such as; road safety, water safety, fire fitness, thinking and stopping distances and the importance of not using a phone whilst driving and the dangers of doing so.

There were actIMG_3983ivities such as an interactive platform that taught the young people spacial awareness. The fire service re-enacted a scene in which a young person had been using their phone whilst driving. The MCYPC were then shown to a scene in which it appeared two cars had crashed into each other. They were asked to find out as much as they could about the accident from the two cars and later reported back that instead of two cars, there had been a third which was not present at the scene, but remains of the car confirmed the MCYPC’s suspicions.

After a quick lunch the MCYPC headed towards the auditorium to paIMG_4102rticipate in a quiz to test what they had learnt before learning the fitness routine that a firefighter does to keep fit and healthy.

"I give today a 10/10. It was ‘sick’"

"I really enjoyed today. I've learnt so much because it was really educational"

"Today was awesome. I loved investigating the crash to see what happened and who was responsible"

Both staff and young people agreed that the day was a huge success and the MCYPC members left the station knowing a lot more about the Fire and Rescue service!

Army Experience Taster Day!

What would you want to do in February half term? Well our young people wanted to go and see the Army and that is just what we did! We headed off on a road trip to Surrey where there awaited a great taster day of what life as part of the Royal Engineers might be like.IMG_4948

Upon arrival, the young people’s first task was to try and purify water; they split into two teams and had a head to head to find out who would be best at making the water the cleanest… Well they both did it! Now we know who to call upon if you ever need clean water and you don’t have any!

Then it was time to head off and have a talk about the Army and all the different career options they could consider in the future.

“I really didn’t know about all the cool stuff I could do if I joined the Army”

Next was the coolest and loudest demolition display to see how explosives can be used for so many different things. “Watching lots of stuff go bang - well that was pretty amazing”

“I learnt how to purify water, I couldn’t believe how simple it was”

Thank you Gibraltar Barracks for having us, hopefully we can come again soon!

And finally, what better to way to finish the week than with a roller disco!

Young people celebrated the end of half term with a roller disco party... There was lots of whizzing around the rink and showing off some great moves! And even a rIMG_4950ace against the YLF staff with the young people rolling through the finish line with ease, knowing they really were the kings and queens of the roller rink!

"I have never been here before, it's actually really good"

"I loved beating Lucy on the roller rink, she's really funny to watch skate"

"Thanks for a great week, this activity was definitely the best"