Kingswood | Disco Dance Off..

photo (33)After yet another hearty meal (shout out to the Kingswood Chefs!!) 2nd day finished with a disco!! So We got glammed up and put our dancing shoes on!!

Tuuuuunes boomed out of Kingswood Club and the NLL Crew (including the teachers) showed their silky moves off....and not a 'dad dance' in sight!!!

We were treated to Crazy versions of Macarena, a Gangnam Style Congo and some dance offs that would not have been out of place on Britains Got Talent!!

Shout outs to Joe, Paul, Harry for their non stop dancing!!

Nothing like a disco and hot choc before bed to sap energy levels after a busy day and ensure we were all asleep by 10pm.....yeh right!!!! ;)


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