Legends Adventures

Our January and February round-up...

Healthy Eating

We gave our Legends the opportunity to dive into new foods and exciting foodie adventures in fun and hands-on workshops to reinforce the message of making healthy food choices. We helped to introduce the young people to new foods, spoke about our diets and the need to eat the right types of food in the right quantities.
The group had so much fun making new dishes and learning about their long-term health and wellbeing but also valued listening and supporting one another.

Tote Bag Art

Given the time to unleash their imaginative ideas has enabled our Legends to develop their creative, risk-taking, and artistic skills. They built connection and self-esteem when transforming plain tote bags into personalized masterpieces at the group art workshops – with the added excitement of eating pizza too!

Our young people were able to bring their unique designs to life and share the reasons why they chose the design they created. Some fantastic ideas and stories, well done everyone!

Ninja Warrior

Our Legends burnt off some steam by climbing, jumping and scaling through the assault courses at Ninja Warrior, Dockside, demonstrating their ninja powers! They certainly had a great time diving into all the challenges that were on offer including balance beams, super high running walls and swinging from monkey bars.

This activity encouraged teamwork too as they all cheered each other on and celebrated their wins! It is always enjoyable allowing the groups to spend time together, having fun, knowing they can forget the bigger world for a few hours.

“Coming here has been sooo¬† good. I have never been here before and I’ve loved it!”

Tubing & Tobogganing

Nothing but smiles and laughter at Chatham Snowsports Centre. Our Legends had a blast Sno-Tubing, spinning, and sliding down the slopes. And who could forget the thrill of riding down the longest toboggan track in the UK with twists, turns, and endless fun all the way to the bottom!

These physical activities not only boost confidence and self-esteem but also build on improved mental health, concentration and social skills. We had so much fun (without the need to wait for actual snow!)

Healthy Relationships

Our young people took part in ‘healthy relationships’ workshops to learn a little bit more about themselves, about spotting the signs of both good and not-so-good relationships, and learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships. They tackled puzzles and games as well as having discussions and even celebrated some birthdays over cake and snacks! At the end of the sessions they were given the choice to pick a book each to chat about at the following session.

We hope they took from these sessions an increased sense of self-worth, a knowing that they have the power to make healthy choices and a reduced feeling of loneliness.

Pancake Day

Our Legends celebrated Shrove Tuesday by having a ‘flipping’ good time whipping up their own sweet and sticky pancakes! They tried a variety of toppings including fruit, chocolate, syrups, and not forgetting the traditional lemon and sugar – and not one fell on the floor! Super skills Legends! It was a great opportunity for the groups to be in a safe and supported environment to explore their cooking abilities, to be creative but also develop confidence and life skills.

“I have never cooked my own pancakes before, they are really nice. Thank you letting us make them.”


Conquering their physically abilities and testing their resilience to ‘bounce’ back after falling, our Legends ventured to Soar indoor trampoline park for some jumping fun! The young people went head to head in a team dodge ball game and took on a foam pit to see who could leap highest and furthest. An all-round fun-filled session full of laughter, cutting edge fun and entertainment.

“Thank you – this was so much fun, I have never been to a place like this before. I am definitely tired out from it but I want to do it all again!”

Thank You

Thank you to our generous supporters for their grant-funding and donations that allow our young people to take part in new opportunities and experiences.

If you can help fund their next adventure, please visit our donation page or give to a particular Legends group through their individual fundraising pages listed here.