May Half Term

Bowling through our half term break!

The start of the break saw thirty-one Swale Legends enjoying competing against one another in games of bowling to see who could score the highest! It was wonderful to see how well-coordinated they were as a team, offering advice, listening, and sharing winning tactics. They enjoyed a delicious lunch together while discussing nonstop about all the games. This gives them permission to be themselves and actually aids in their ability to maintain healthy relationships and keep them from feeling isolated.

Next we launched into Tuesday with our Lazer Tag activity! Our Maidstone Legends got to know a lot of new young people, and they had fun competing with one another. This activity did a great job of bringing the kids together, nurturing their friendships, and encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zones to meet new people.

No horsing around for Medway Legends who mucked in with grooming and saddling up horses at the stables ready for some therapeutic horseback riding on Thursday. The young people were able to unwind while gaining knowledge about horses and how to care for them. The young people had a wonderful time, and it had a significant positive impact on their mental health and self-confidence.

The Gravesham hub had a blast watching and playing football games together as we wrapped up the week. The young people were full of enthusiasm, showed great teamwork, and because they played like champions, they ate like champions too – fried chicken was on the menu along with some jokes… “What did the ref say to the chicken who tripped a defender? “Fowl!” – well we laughed! 🙂

Until next group Legends! You’ve been brilliant!