Stubbers | …Do We Have To Go Home??

Day 3...

DSC_1215After such an amazing couple of days at Stubbers the young people were sad to be leaving but what an activity to finish this year’s residential!

Bring on the khaki and guns it was time for laser warfare! It wasn’t long before the once united group were split into two and ready to do battle!

Game faces at the ready and team talks underway, the two teams set off into the woods.

DSC_1226Everyone threw themselves into the game and at the end of the session there a wasn't a glum face to be seen!

So after a truly fantastic and memorable few days it was time to pack up and head home taking with us new found friendships and long lasting memories.

“I have had the best 2 days, please can we stay another night!” Paddy 16

“The whole weekend has been amazing, I've never laughed so much!” Dean 15