The final day!

We woke up earlier than normal to make sure all of our bags were packed and our beds were stripped before heading down to the meeting point for our final breakfast of our week long residential.

Breakfast eaten and raring to go the crew headed down to their meeting point to go to their first activity. Rifle Shooting. A quick warm up, safety talk and introductions before the group got down to business and played a game of shoot the opposite teams houses to see which one managed to get the most shots through. With a matter of shots between them the session came to and end meaning the winning team was yet to be crowned the winners! Team Melons were in the lead by a matter of a couple of shots! IMG_4620

The team left the session in high spirits whilst walking to their next and final activity... abseiling.

The team arrived at abseiling eager to learn how to participate and complete the activity... It was new for a lot of the young people that took part. Harnesses and helmets on and a briefing from the instructor, both teams were raring to go. Climbing to the top of the tower the crew felt the nerves as they were buckled up and stepped over the barrier to jump down the tower. Everyone participated and even learnt how to untie their ropes at the bottom and send them back up to the instructor at the top.

The crews time at the residential was coming to an end but there was one more thing they needed to do first.... They couldn't leave the residential without having their final lunch! They all headed back to the diner to get their burger and chips before they took a trip to the shop to grab their sIMG_4659ouvenirs! Sweets for the ride home and gifts for their friends and families.

It seemed too soon that the coach pulled into the site and the group loaded their luggage on to the coach whilst signing their leader for the weeks t shirt. They boarded the coach ready for a long journey home with music, laughter and a LOT of sleepy young people!!

A big thank you to the young people (and staff!) who came along and made this residential fun and such an amazing experience! 

This is what young people said about the residential:

"I loved everything!"

" The best thing was meeting new friends and seeing old friends"

"I learnt to try new things and conquered my fear of heights"

"Trying new things helped to build my confidence"

Massive thanks again to the Freemasonry in the Province of East Kent for funding this residential which gave 25 young people the opportunity to take part in this weeks residential, to have new experiences, make new friends as well as meet up with old friends and to have loads of fun! Image result for Freemasonry in the Province of East Kent

And a big thank you again too to the Maidstone Lions whose funding provided the transport for all the young people and staff.  Image result for maidstone lions image