WALES | Day 3…

WD41It was the last day of activities today, the young people got into their two groups the boys heading off to climb mount Moel Eilio followed by Canoeing and the girls off to do a some canoeing followed by some teambuilding exercises.

After a short but bumpy drive to the drop off point, the boys got themselves into a group and decided who was going to lead the group and who was going take up the tale and support those that needed that extra bit of encouragement to keep going.

WD32Once decided and after a few basic map reading tips the boys were on their way up the mountain. The higher they got the steeper it got, Mohammed at the back was great at encouraging and supporting those who struggled to get up the hill.

Abdul was great at setting the pace and leading the group from the front.
After a few snack and water breaks the boys done it! They had reached the top, now it was time for them to head back down again, who could remember the way back.

WD33It was now a quick drive back to the centre, shoot out of the bus and grab stuff for Canoeing on the lake. The boys broke off into two teams and climbed aboard their canoes. After instructions on what to do, it was now time for the boys to work in their teams and see how far up and down the lake they could go!

After a bit of a struggle getting the communication across to each other the boys done it! They managed to sail back and forth up and down the lake!

WD34After a few runs of this and some playing around it was time to head back to the centre, enjoy some nice dinner and find out how the girls day went.

The girls spent the morning canoeing. Setting off in 2 canoes, the girls challenged each other to see who could go quicker.

Steering the canoe was the responsibility of the 2 at the back and this was quite a challenge at times with canoes heading off in a different direction than the instructions given!

WD35After lunch the girls group took part in team building activities, which included supporting each other to use ropes to walk along planks of wood, abseiling and working out how to complete the maze challenge without the ball going into the holes!