Activities Volunteer

We are always in need of volunteers to support us with leading groups and activities as part of our Legends Programme

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Being an Activities Volunteer

Volunteering as part of the Legends team is a role that’s enjoyable and fun but also very rewarding. As a volunteer you will be positive role model and trusting adult who can give young people the opportunity to express themselves through the Legends programme.

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How Does the Legends Programme Help Young People?

Youth clubs are diminishing and young people are spending much more time online or indoors. This can impact on their friendships and social skills.

Disadvantaged young people or those living in poverty are less likely able to access clubs and groups that others enjoy. Therefore they may lack positive friendships and miss out on experiences. By being part of our groups young people have access to new opportunities, develop life skills and help to mentor each other. It also gives them somewhere safe to go and make friends with those in their community.

What Do Activities Volunteers Do?

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As A Volunteer You Will:

commit to volunteer for a minimum of 6 months

attend your local regular group held at our hubs or attend activities at venues across Kent

support your Coordinator in making arrangements to organise a group or activity

take time to listen, give advice, assist  and empower the young people on the programme

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You Will Help By:

being someone trusted to talk to and have fun with

problem solving together or supporting choices the young person makes

helping them feel less lonely or isolated and more confident

supporting them to make friends, engage in activities and learn new skills

Meet The Legends Team


Legends Programme Manager


Gravesham Hub Coordinator


Swale Hub Coordinator


Thanet Hub Coordinator


Legends Support Worker


Legends Support Worker

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What Support and Training Is There?

You will be warmly welcomed into the YLF team who truly value you and your time.

YLF will provide:

  • training to ensure you are fully equipped
  • supervision to ensure that your skills are always to maximum impact
  • an open door policy with the invitation to visit us at our hubs at any time
  • invitations to social events so all volunteers have the chance to meet and share experiences
  • opportunities to support our charity in other ways such as participation in fundraising events

And lastly, you won’t be out of pocket. YLF reimburses all authorised expenses including mileage.

What Next?

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The Programme

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Info Pack

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