Higher Education

Getting higher in life with higher education...

Could this be for you? Not sure who to talk to or where to look?

We’ve got you covered!

Ellie and Sophie took a trip to The University Of Kent to get some more information and training to provide support to those of you going onto higher education – or just thinking about it. They have been given lots of amazing resources to support you emotionally and financially in your next steps to higher education!

Ellie and Sophie met with ambassadors of the university who are also care leavers. The ambassadors came from all across the county and shared parts of their journey into uni life so far as a care experienced young person. Their stories were amazing, insightful and very inspiring !

The ambassadors would love to meet with anyone thinking about going to university but are worried about certain elements. They know they could put you at ease!

Some quotes from young people around this subject:

“As a care leaver I have always felt stigmatised about going to Uni. Will I be good enough, how can I afford it?”

“Every time I bring up Uni everyone says to be a social worker.”

These are just some of the worries from you all but rest assured we feel we have the right information and guidance to help you on your journey!

Please click below to look at the resource sheets.

However, if you would like a 1-2-1 chat or group session please do email mcypc@ylf.org.uk and Sophie or Ellie will get in contact however you feel most comfortable communicating.