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Well Hello There...

Hello MCYPC crew and welcome to our brand new blog!

This is where we will be talking about the latest news from the world of the MCYPC, upcoming events and meetings. We will be keeping you up to date about how your feedback and thoughts are helping to make a difference.

Who are the MCYPC?

MCYPC stands for Medway Children and Young People Council. We decided on changing our name to drop the label of being known as ‘children in care’. But officially you may know us as the Medway Children in Care Council.

The MCYPC is the voice for all looked after young people and care leavers in Medway – we want to help improve the lives of young people. So if you are a young person under the Medway Local Authority you can be a part of the MCYPC!

What do we do?

The MCYPC is a forum where young people in Medway’s care come together to discuss issues and concerns about the care system. We meet with Medway professionals such as the Director of Children’s Services and present your views as well as suggesting changes to help with future developments of the care system. Some things we have managed to bring about are 10 free driving lessons and council tax exemption!

We meet quarterly for these meetings with professionals as well as running workshops, events and fun days out. So not only do you get to have your voice heard but you also have the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and have fun!

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Thanks for tuning in with our very first blog post and keep your eyes peeled for a very exciting announcement in our blog next week!