Appropriate Adult Seminar

David Mills Nov13There was a fantastic turn out of volunteer appropriate adults at this year’s much anticipated annual seminar.  Guest speakers included , Chris Bath, CEO of the National Appropriate Adult Network and Christopher Stacey, from the award-winning charity, Unlock.  Partner agencies attended including Inspector Gordon from Kent Police and Charlie Beaumont and Elaine Simock from KCC Integrated Youth Service.

The wealth of experience within the team and the presence of such professional speakers made the event both informative and enjoyable.

David Mills2 Nov13


Massive thanks were given to all our volunteer appropriate adults for the time and dedication they give supporting children and vulnerable adults in police custody.

Inspector Gordon from Kent Police stated, “We would crumble in custody without the support given by appropriate adults”

Unfortunately, we said goodbye to one volunteer who has retired after numerous years’ service.  David Mills, was awarded a Certificate of Recognition and thanks from Kent Police and a beautifully engraved award from YLF.