ASDAN Celebrations

one for latest newsYoung people celebrate their ASDAN achievements painting at Mudpie Pottery in Folkestone!

Folkestone Academy works in partnership with YLF to mentor young pupils to achieve goals in their education. Volunteer mentors from YLF have recently supported young people who have worked incredibly hard to achieve an ASDAN certificate - an alternative informal educational qualification that complements their schooling. The young people were invited to attend Mudpie Pottery to receive well deserved ASDAN Certifcates, paint pottery and celebrate with their peers in recognition of their success.

Stephen Gray, CEO of YLF, presented the ASDAN certificates to the young people.

“The young people have been an absolute delight to work with.  I have seen each one of them come along in their own way.  I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to support this group and have found their enthusiasm and commitment to the mentoring to be an absolute inspiration” said Sara Nash, YLF Mentoring Coordinator

Everybody enjoyed themselves and were made to feel very welcome at Mudpie Pottery.

group paintingA passer-by even congratulated the young people on their fantastic achievements!

One of the young people asked if we could go back there again and everybody agreed that it would be a good place to hold future presentations for the next group of young people YLF support.

A huge well done to all the young people for their tremendous work!