Awesome AA’s!

We praise our Appropriate Adult key-workers for volunteering during the crisis!

What A Team!

Our wonderful staff team have not only continued in their job of supporting young people during this time of need, but many of the team have also taken on the role as an Appropriate Adult (AA) key-worker.

Day and night our staff alongside our AA volunteers have been juggling work and volunteering attending Custody suites across the County. They have been offering vital support to vulnerable adults and young people.

We know the protective masks and outfits may get very hot and sweaty but we think they look ace and that you’re doing an awesome job! The role can be tough and time consuming but when the Police and the community need you, you are there!

We were proud to recently receive the following positive communication from a Detective Sergeant at the Medway Custody Suite:

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to praise and thank one of your fantastic volunteers for his support.

We were engaged in an extremely complex and serious investigation which as we know, takes a great deal of time and energy of all involved.

The volunteer remained on hand throughout the whole process. He supported the person in custody with patience and ensured he understood the actions we were taking – more pertinent given the mental health related difficulties that the person was suffering with at the time. He remained calm despite the possible risk presented by the person and performed his role very professionally.

I believe he exceeded in his role and just wanted to make you aware that we appreciate his help.”

A HUGE thank you to our AA’s for putting yourselves on the front line to keep us going through this pandemic and to our AA Coordinator for managing and coordinating all the requests from home! We couldn’t be prouder! ❤️

During the first week of June, we shall be taking the time to thank each and every one of our volunteers as part of Volunteer’s Week – we couldn’t deliver our services without you all! Thank you.

#WhatATeam #COVID19 #TogetherWeCan

We are still in need of more AA’s to help support our team…could it be you?

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