Chessington Adventures!

This week, an overly-excited bunch of juniors headed to Chessington World of Adventures! The group couldn't wait for a fun packed day of thrilling rides! "I'm getting straight on the Vampire ride when we get there!!" said Harry.

WP_20150728_011Some of the youngsters had been to Chessington before and during the minibus journey, they were fuelling the group with excited anticipation by telling them about all of the rides they would get to go on. The young people who were new to the group were warmly welcomed by the others and were looking forward to spending the day with their new found friends.

The moment arrived - the excited little run through the barriers and into the park with smiles that were brighter than the sun that day! We split into groups and headed into the world of adventures...

There was The Cobra; a rollercoaster ride that spins you around so fast you don't know what way you're turning; The Scorpion, Bumper Cars, and even The Vampire Ride; enough to make some stomachs turn - but not this group! We even had a ride on the Chessington train which took us over the top of the park on a monorail and gave us an amazing view of the whole park, the zoo and the sea lions.

WP_20150728_017At lunchtime we all met again and spoke about our adventurous morning - what rides we had been on, the most enjoyable ones (or most scary!) and we planned the afternoons rides.

"It was great to be able to go on rides that I wouldn't usually go on" said Lily.

The day was exhilarating - a jam packed afternoon included a ride on Dragons Fury, Rameses Revenge and the magical Bubbleworks, we even watched some short shows! The day went all too quickly and before we knew it we were headed back home to tell everyone our stories...!

"Today was definitely a 10/10!" said Beth