Christmas Appeal 2022

In partnership with Kent County Council, we are pledging to spread Christmas cheer to care leavers!

Our Christmas Appeal Has Launched!

We are proud to partner with the Corporate Parents of KCC once again this year to support Kent care leavers at Christmas time.

Of our 2000 care leavers, many of them will be celebrating Christmas on their own for the first time. Everyone deserves to feel a sense of family belonging that we all crave at Christmas.

This year we will be working with Kent Corporate Parents, individuals, partners and businesses across Kent, to raise the funds needed to give each care leaver a £10 gift.

“Being a care leaver is not easy. It’s daunting and scary to say the least, let alone the fact you’re totally on your own. It’s nice to know people out there really care.” Chloe, Care Leaver

Provide a gift to these young people that not only spreads Christmas cheer but also reminds them that they are valued, cared for, and not alone.


Your donation could make all the difference!

You can also give by text…

Thank You!

“I am so grateful to have the support I do from KCC and YLF.  Campaigns like this can be a godsend for some young people leaving care.” Mark, Care Leaver