Free Loaves on Fridays

We're thrilled to introduce "Free Loaves on Fridays" – a powerful book written by and for Care Experienced People.

Free Loaves on Fridays is described as ‘an anthology of stories, poems, reflections and letters by more than 100 care-experienced people, which aims to challenge worn-out stereotypes. This collection gives voice to diverse experiences including foster care, adoption, kinship care and semi-independent living, among others.’

The collection of heartfelt letters and stories captures the achievements, struggles, and resilience of those who have grown up in care. It’s an inspiring read that sheds light on the real experiences of care-experienced individuals and highlights the vital support from organisations like YLF.

We’re especially proud of our former apprentice, Aliyah, whose story is featured in the book and we felt even more proud when we were invited to the book launch as her guest, where they were able to mingle alongside Lemn Sissay and other notable names. Her journey, supported by YLF, transformed her relationship with professionals and empowered her to advocate for herself and others.

Aliyah writes:

“Due to my previous experiences, I had very negative relationships with professionals and authority, as they were the ones who violated my rights.

The Young Lives Foundation helped me with advocacy, mentoring and funding, which changed my attitude towards professionals. They have empowered me and my emotional well-being by not invalidating my experiences, which as a result has given me confidence to safeguard myself from systematic failings and loopholes.

When I was living in care, I didn’t feel cared for at all. I felt as if I was a burden and living with a landlord, asking for my rights was seen as me trying to be difficult. ADVOCACY AND MENTORING FOR ALL CHILDREN IN CARE!”

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and the voices of care-experienced individuals.

You can buy a copy of the book in all good book retailers or read online!

Aliyah's letter in the book can be viewed below...