Hair Raising Challenge

Inspirational Niamh raises over £1,500 as she shaves off her hair for YLF!

Brave young Niamh, who is just 17 years old, decided she was going to make a difference by shaving her hair off for two reasons; in a fight against gender stereotypes and to be able to pledge money to YLF’s disadvantaged children.

The challenge was supported by Medway Council who sourced Woodlands Youth Centre as the venue for the event which took place on the morning of Monday 31st August 2020. YLF’s Karen and Janine were in attendance to not only support but to also broadcast the shave LIVE from YLF’s Instagram Page. There were a only a handful of supporters there on the day due to COVID-19 restrictions, but Niamh also went LIVE on her own social media pages so that those who could not be there could still watch her brave act virtually. Many tuned in and left words of encourage and praise, including The Hair Lounge Chatham who provided hair sylist, Donna, to shave Niamh’s head on the day!

Niamh says:

“I wanted a challenge where I could help other people in my local community but also help discourage unhealthy stereotypes and standards in society when it comes to gender. I chose the Young Lives Foundation charity as they help young people have more access to opportunities they would otherwise not get because they are vulnerable, in care, or from disadvantaged families. I will be wearing my head bare to make a statement about gender stereotypes and hopefully inspire others.”

Niamh’s Mother, Rebecca, added:

“I’m immensely proud of Niamh for doing this for such a worthwhile cause but also for the statement she is making about gender stereotypes. Honestly, I think she is brilliant and I’m proud to call her my daughter.”


So far, over £1,500 has been raised by Niamh with thanks to her very generous entourage of supporters!

The fundraised money will help deliver programmes of skill-based activities where young people can meet, gain confidence, make the right friendships, learn new hobbies and be supported to reach their potential.

Niamh’s fundraising page remains open for donations:

Thanks to:

Niamh Cooper and her friends and family

The Hair Lounge Chatham

Medway Council

Woodlands Youth Hub Gillingham

And EVERYBODY who has donated!