Santa Steam Train

IMG_0750On Sunday, 26 young people ventured to Tenterden to enjoy a special Christmas ride... on an old fashioned steam train!

The excited group of children collected their tickets and patiently waited on the platform. Once the train pulled in they could be heard making gasps amongst one another and comments such as, "It’s like the train in Harry Potter!", "This is soooo cool” and “I can't believe we are going to see Santa on this train!”

Once aboard and seated comfortably, everybody sat quietly and waited for the whistle to be blown and the conductor to shout so the journey to the 'North Pole' could begin!

Everyone was very chatty and questioning what Santa might bring them. They were so excited when they could see him as he came down the train!

IMG_0763Santa spent time talking to the group and asked everyone what they would like for Christmas before handing out presents to all. Once he had gone everyone immediately opened their presents as the journey continued to the North Pole.

"I got a really cool science book!” said Issac

"I love my Chocolate box, it’s my favourite type of chocolate, Santa’s a legend!” said Ajay

"I love my bracelet making kit - I can't wait to make one!” said Chloe

Once arrived at the North Pole the young people enjoyed eating mince pies and drinking fruit juice before we headed back the station.

"I have really enjoyed today, thank you! It has helped me to make new friends too!” said Casey