Try Angle for Courage

YLF is super proud of Tyler, our young person, who recently won a Try Angle Award for Courage!

Tyler and his YLF mentor, Amber, attended Kent County Council’s Try Angle Awards ceremony at the Hadlow Manor Hotel in September. The Try Angle Awards are held in recognition of the outstanding efforts and achievements of young people and groups at school, work, organisations and in their community – those who really try their best.

There are a number of categories that the efforts of young people are recognised, including arts, music, sport, community action, good friends, young carers, personal development, courage and positive intervention.

Tyler was nominated for Courage.

His mentor Amber tells us:

“I nominated him for an award in the Courage category of The Try Angle Awards for the resilience he continues to show in his chaotic life. For someone who has been through so much constant change and turmoil he knows exactly who he his and where he wants to be in life and more importantly, where he doesn’t want to be. It’s not without its challenges but he always tries! 

…I am super proud of you Tyler. You are capable of anything you put your mind to and watching you grow in resilience over the last few years has been a privilege. Here’s to the next challenge and continuing to smash it!”

We await to hear whether Tyler has been entered for the Kent finals!
Congratulations Tyler!