Young People Rate YLF!

Boy with Megaphone

YLF carried out a survey of the young people we support and are pleased to report that they think:

  • 94 % felt that YLF listened to them
  • 88 % said that YLF treated them as individuals
  • 94 % said that YLF takes their views and opinions seriously
  • 94 % said YLF were supportive and on their side

They also said:

“She (my YLF volunteer) has made such a difference to my life… she's supported and helped me with my life plans and careers.  When I had lost all hope for schooling and exams she helped me get myself back on track by giving me a little test everyday to help.  She has always been someone else I can talk to who understands me.”

Cute Kids

“YLF are epic”

“They listened and helped when I was being bullied”

“With YLF I have been to places I would never have dreamed of”

“They are always there when I have a problem”

“YLF have made me feel better about myself”

“When I was moving around a lot and things were difficult, it was my visitor (YLF) who supported me”

“They always make things sound less harder than I think they are”

Thank you to all who took part, it is always so valuable to hear from young people directly that we are doing a good job!  A massive thank you to all our staff and wonderful volunteers for all that you do!