Young People Train Carers

Foster carer trainingNew foster carers heard exactly how it should be done, when members of the Children in Care Council visited their training group.

David, Dan and Sophia gave their words of wisdom on how to be foster carers. They focused on the qualities they would hope foster carers would have, what to expect from some of the children they may be caring for and a little about their own experiences in foster placements.

The overriding message that came through from the 3 experts was to treat children in foster care the same way any good parent would treat their own children.

The trainees were delighted to receive input from the Children in Care Council members and one commented, “You have come across so well this afternoon, it’s been fascinating to hear what you have to say, thank you so much!”

YLF are always pleased when young people are involved in up-skilling the social care workforce and look forward to future training opportunities.