Youngsters Go Karting Crazy

DSC_0243A bright and sunny evening greeted our excited group of 20 young people at Buckmore Park - all were ready for some Go Karting Craziness!

The group arrived eager to get going and quickly had a briefing and got dressed ready for the part..

..Watch out Lewis Hamilton, Challengers are about to take your place!

Each small group had a competitive 15 minute stint on the race track that consisted of over taking, bumping, spinning, drifting and even getting stuck!

“This is such a great experience!” said Fion

DSC_0201The experience was so exhilarating that even those standing by and waiting their turn were full of energy just watching!

"I'm ready...I can't wait to get out there on the track and beat you!" said Kirstee, who was letting the boys know she was going to beat them all!

At the end of the session, everyone was so pleased to have had the chance to race and happy with the experience; some even overwhelmed by it all, "Did that really just happen!? I loved it!" said Robbie.

The group are so keen to do it again and cannot wait to return for round 2 of Go Karting Craziness!

All the young people would like to say a massive thank you to all the supporters and fundraisers of YLF for giving them this opportunity.