Youngsters Head to Kingswood

DSC_0247Over 60 young people from New Line Learning Academy headed to Kingswood Activity Centre in Ashford for a residential weekend.

There was the opportunity to engage in lots of new activities from climbing to abseiling, quad biking and much more!

The group arrived on Friday, were shown their dorms and then they had chance to find out a bit about each other over dinner. It wasn't long before they were off to take part in the first group activity!

DSC_0320Some young people were scrambling up the climbing wall, others were blindfolded on a nightline challenge and some tried their hand at fencing.

“Fencing was great - especially when I found out that I wasn't actually putting up fence panels around the site!!!” said Justin

“Nightline was so much fun! You were blindfolded and led around an obstacle course which meant you had to really listen and trust the leader guiding you.” said Sean

The evening was coming to an end but there was time for one last activity before bed. The challenge was to launch a bottle rocket as far as possible. Each group planned and prepared their rockets ready to launch. It was a really close call but the winning group let out and almighty cheer! "Woooohooo!"

DSC_0287Saturday was an early start with breakfast at 8am but the group were so excited to get ready to try out some more activities that they hadn’t done before... there was climbing up, abseiling down, and quad biking all around! Even a team challenge that everyone was waiting for!

“Quad biking was awesome!” said Charlie

“I was so scared about abseiling but I am glad I done it and overcame my fear of heights!” said Sophie

“The team challenge was sooo good! It made us really think about how we can achieve and overcome a challenge together.” said Connor

“I loved the climbing, it was quite hard at times but it was fun.” said Morgan

After dinner and some chill out time, the young people took the opportunity to finish their evening by drenching one another in a massive water fight and they even soaked the leaders!

“I loved trying to soak the staff; it was so funny watching them trying to dodge everyone and hide!” said Sarah

DSC_0425Sunday was an early start again and the group were a little sad to be going home but excitement was still in the air as we finished the weekend with a presentation to acknowledge everyone's achievements.

“My favourite part of the weekend was definitely the water fight!!!“ said Abby

“The best thing of all was actually getting to go on a holiday! Thank you” said Simon