Paddy’s Blog | Week 11

02/02/15 | By Paddy...

"This week received my next piece of NVQ work and Tracey emailed me as well saying that my last piece of work was excellent! I'm really pleased its going well!

I met with Claire Read on Monday to talk about her information booklet she is producing - she asked my thoughts and views on it. I then asked Claire if she was happy to come along to the CiCC meeting to share this with other CiCC members - she said yes which is great. Claire is also helping us promote the CICC and Challengers group so that we can have more young people come along too.

I met with Jo Kavanagh about Pathway Planning - when you get ready to leave care and you get a PA (personal adviser). Jo and I discussed how we can make this better and make sure that all social workers and PAs are listening to young people about what they want in their future. We was to talk about this meeting on Friday when I see her again so I will prepare myself for it. It was great to see Jo at the office and I look forward to seeing her Friday.

Stephen and I went to an IRO Presentation. I prepared info packs for all the IROs and I had to tell them what I do as the CiCC apprentice, explain what Challengers is and what the CiCC do. We received great feedback about young people they already know enjoy Challengers and CiCC and the IRO team were very interested in what Stephen and I spoke about - they had many questions to ask us after we finished talking too!

The CiCC meeting went great this week and there was lots of young people there which made it such a great turn out. There was lots to talk about in the two hours but we managed to do it. All young people have a right to speak out and it is great that they can do this at the CiCC meetings. We had some new members come along to the CiCC meeting too which is great!

The Challengers group was really good and everyone enjoyed snowboarding. It was great to see everyone having fun - what made it even better was that it started snowing!"