Paddy’s Blog | Week 10

26/01/15 | By Paddy...

"This week I have been looking at the Big Difference website and making a list of what I think needs changing.

I have been discussing with Lucy and Sarah about new activities for the Challengers group. We are planning an open day for some of the younger members (12-15) to come up to the older group too.

This week I also had to make sure that all CiCC members and new members knew where the meeting will be held. I called around to make sure that everyone was aware. I also started to design the CiCC open day leaflet to send over to Jo Cross so that she could send it out to all look after young people in Sittingbourne/Swale area.

This week I had a formal handover with Holly, Stephen and Janine because Holly will be going on Maternity leave. I can officially say that I will be very busy after today! Holly and I finished the agenda for the next CiCC meeting which I am really looking forward to next week. I will be working with Lucy at the Challengers group and I will also be working a lot on recruiting new people for both the Challengers group and CiCC.

At Challengers I held a small consultation about Foster Care Packs - something that the CiCC feels is important when young people come into care and want to know where and who they will be living with. I wanted to find out what other young people would like to know about their carers when they first come into care. This has been on the CiCC agenda for a long time and it’s about time we started doing something about it.

I also this week went to the CPG (Corporate Parenting Group) with David and Stephen."