Paddy’s Blog | Week 9

19.01.2015 | By Paddy…

"This week I have a lot of work to do which is good. I am editing my NVQ work and then next week I will send to Tracey, my NVQ assessor. Janine and I updated my blog on the Big Difference website. I also had a meeting with Holly, Janine, Lucy and Stephen about Challengers to see how we can improve this service.

I prepared for my telephone assessment with Tracey; I was nervous at first! Once I finished my assessment I was pleased to see my percentage go from 2% to 18%!

Stephen and I went to Medway's Protocol Launch - we even had VIP parking! We had a chat with a few people and it was really good to feel such like a professional. The protocol is now launched and I made some notes for the CiCC meeting.

I went to London with Tiffany (CiCC member) for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) meeting with the Who Cares Trust. This was such a good experience. There was lots of people there from care leavers to children in care and adults too. I wrote down some questions for the CiCC. Tiffany and I look forward to going again.

The Challengers group was enjoyable and I had the responsibility to ensure all members signed in.

This week has been really good and really busy. I am really looking forward to the rest of the year!"