Paddy’s Blog | Week 13

02/03/15 | By Paddy...

"This week I had a meeting with Lee Mcdermid from Essex CiCC and our CiCC Chair, David. We spoke about what we do and how we get other young people’s voices heard. Lee was very interested in what Medway CiCC and YLF do and is very keen to work with us. Lee is organising for us to go meet him again - we look forward to this.

Tuesday was a very busy day as I was sitting on an interview panel with Stephen and Kristy, the YLF Advocacy Manager, to recruit new advocates. This was really good experience for me and it was good to see how they answered some of the questions. Being a young person I found it quite interesting how they said things and how they will help young people.

I have written and sent out letters to members who attended the CiCC Takeover Day and new members who attended the CiCC Laser Rush Open Day whilst I was on holiday to thank them all for attending. I look forward to hearing more about both days as it was sure to be a great experience for young people to come together, have a voice, have fun and also to make new friends.

Challengers group went to the cinema this week. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I feel that Challengers is coming along great. Every week there is now more and more young poeple and I really hope it stays this way!

I completed some NVQ work this week as well! Productive week!"