Paddy’s Blog | Week 14

09/03/15 | By Paddy...

"This week I sent off some NVQ work I completed and I went to Pathway Planning Training at Medway's Broadside Office to give my views on how it should be carried out.

Although it was really difficult, I attempted to draft the CiCC meeting minutes. I have also watched the Never Stop Listening film from Kent CICC and it is so eye-opening. I have also been asked to talk at the YLF Training Day on Wednesday about how YLF has supported me, changes they could make to the support they give others and how I am doing in my apprenticeship.

I attended the YLF Training Day and found it very informative - I learnt a lot from this! I was quite nervous to do my speech but I had prepared and I did it! It was great just to say how much things have changed for me! It was also great to hear that I'm a good asset to the team at YLF and that I am a good ambassador for the voice for young people in care.

Janine and I made a start to the CiCC newsletter and I decided what was to be included and where things are going to go. Once I was done I was soon off out again. I went to meet with Faye Kinnear (Leaving Care Personal Advisor) and Colin Leach (Family Support Service – Team Leader) to discuss a basketball match in May between social workers and young people. We spoke about when, where, what time etc….then we started to plan it.

Challengers was good this week - we went swimming at Larkfield Leisure Centre and played lots of team games in the pool!"