Paddy’s Blog | Week 15

16/03/15 | By Paddy...

"Monday I emailed Faye and Colin about our action plan for the upcoming basketball match in a few months’ time. Also we have been busy moving desks around at YLF ready for new staff to start. I have been keeping up-to-date with my Facebook, Twitter and my Blog and also been looking at what I need for my assessment for tomorrow for when Tracey comes in to observe me.

Tracey visited and done an assessment on me - asking lots of different questions and watching me work so I had to be on top form! She was very happy with what I have done so far and how well I am doing on my NVQ - she says my work is at a good standard. I am now halfway through my NVQ and covered over 5 different units in just my assessment today alone! My percentage is at 50% out of 100%!

This week there was a Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day 2015! To support the CSE campaign, we all wrote a pledge about reducing CSE on our hands to share a 'helping hand'.

Also this week I finished off the CiCC/apprentice update for the CPB meeting that I had prepared for. I had to print all documents out that I needed and make sure that everything was there. When we got there we got a nice welcome. I think the meeting went okay and I shared what I had been up to and what work the CiCC have been up to."