Paddy’s Blog | Week 16

26/03/15 | By Paddy...

"Monday I studied from home for my NVQ and I was sent more work to get done. I have also found out that I have an exam in London very soon for ICT - I will have to start preparing!.

I've had a lot to do this week which is good. Stephen and I finalised the CiCC minutes I drafted. I also updated the CiCC database to make sure that all CiCC members were on there and their contact details were correct. Once I done that Jenny, the YLF Accounts Manager, kindly showed me how to use Mail Merge on Word and I sent the CiCC minutes out to all CiCC members. Stephen also asked me to adapt the minutes to a more 'child-friendly' and easy to read version so that other young people who do not attend CiCC get a chance to see what we are doing for them.

I helped Stephen do some admin tasks - printing out paperwork, photocopying, making info packs, amending documents and presentations - it all helps me to learn! I also drafted the basketball match flyer and I was quite proud of what I done! Janine and I made the final changes to it before it was ready to be given out. I also sat on an interview panel for a new YLF Positive Activities worker - I had set questions to ask which was good experience.

I have been a part of the team for training new YLF Independent Visitors alongside Lisa and Amy at the YLF office. I spoke a little about my life and how have I become the CiCC apprentice and my experiences. I told them about the CiCC and the Challengers group and what each of them do. I showed them the CiCC Stigma DVD and then I held a group task about what would be the top ten qualities of an Independent Visitor.

The Challengers group this week was trampolining and a trip to Hollywood Bowl for dessert after. We had 20 young people come to the group! I gave out the basketball flyer to all young people there.

At the end of the week I did a training session with Stephen for new YLF Independent People - I covered what I did earlier in the week with Independent Visitors - I'm learning so much more about the other services YLF provide!"