Paddy’s Blog | Week 18

06/04/15 | By Paddy...

"This week I prepared to travel to London to my NVQ ICT support day. I had to take a train and the tube but it all worked out well and I even arrived early. A welcoming lady greeted me and explained everything - after discovering how far i had travelled she asked if I wanted to do the support day and exam all in one go! I was a bit nervous and in shock but I decided to just go for it! At the end, I asked her if she thinks I passed and she said yes but I have to wait two weeks for my results. I called YLF and they were all really pleased for me!

I have been in the office checking my emails, actioning tasks and catching up with some admin due to bank holiday and me being in London. As Janine was off sick I had to step-up and lead on my own action plan and my own work which was pretty hard but I did it.

I prepared for a meeting this week about an overseas voluntary experience this year for the CiCC in India. Everyone seems really excited about it but it will be hard too because of being in a different country. I look forward to giving you more info about this!"