Paddy’s Blog | Week 19

13/04/15 | By Paddy...

"This week I made a bit of an error by double booking myself in my calendar without releasing - I soon sorted it out which wasn't too bad - learning from my mistakes!

I went to theKent CiCC meeting to see how different their CiCC meetings are to Medway’s ones. It was a great experience to see how the CiCC's can actually work together and how we can use eachothers ideas.

I had an NVQ telephone assessment and some more work given to me - my percentage has now gone from 53% to 60% complete!

I have been configuring some more new work mobiles for the rest of the YLF staff and also set up an IPad - I had to write notes on what changes and passwords I made and needed to be very careful not to get anything wrong! I also had a few people to follow up about upcoming activities in the next few months e.g. basketball match and football match. I made an information pack for a lady I spoke to who would like to donate to our charity which is very kind of her to do so. I also had a brief chat with Claire Read about an event coming up for NEET LAC and NEET care leavers. She has asked me to do a presentation on my care story.

I have been carrying out some research and putting together some case studies for some work I am doing. I also updated my blog and studies some more NVQ work."