Paddy’s Blog | Week 20

20/04/15 | By Paddy...

"I found out my results from my ICT exam I took in London - I got 88% which I am really proud of. Janine was very pleased for me too!

I had some letters to post so I attempted mail merge by remembering what Jenny had shown me. I made some amendments to the CiCC update list I have and updated my blog. I also had another go at redrafting some bits on CiCC newsletter.

I have made a start to the Annual Data Report for CiCC. It was very hard at first because I have never done one of these before but as soon as Janine explained what I had to do it seemed more straight forward. I had to look up previous quarterly data and join it all up, update the most recent content and gather some quotes and feedback from CiCC members and other professionals. It will be interesting to see as a whole what achievements we have made as a CiCC throughout the year! I also went to a care leaver’s forum this week.

For my NVQ I have got to write about what I have learnt for this month - which is lots!"