Paddy’s Blog | Week 21

27/04/15 | By Paddy...

"This week I finalised the CiCC Annual Data Report and was really proud to see just how much the CiCC has done so far!

I made lots of phone calls to all the Challengers foster carers to see who wants to come to the basketball match. We now have a good number attending and I am hopeful it will all go well.

We also had a meeting this week about the India voluntary experience we will be doing. We discussed the next steps for organising the trip - this is going to be one massive trip for everyone!

I had an interview/meeting with BBC Children in Need about the support they offer YLF to fund their activities. There was also some other young people here which was good and was great to hear that BBC CIN were interested in featuring YLF on one of their programmes nearer the end of the year.

I attended a meeting with Lucy and Faye about the basketball match that is coming up which well. There is still a bit to do but I think it will be a really good turnout.

Challengers group went really well and it was good to see everyone taking part in water polo and helping each other in their teams."