Basketball Battles | Youngsters Vs Adults!

BB editYoung people of Medway gathered together at Medway Park Leisure Centre for the one game they couldn't miss this month... Basketball against their social care workers! 

An event jointly organised by Medway Children's Services and YLF's Children in Care Council, saw over 30 youngsters turn up ready and raring to go in the challenge against their social work opponents - a team of 15 determined to win... But we knew our young people were a difficult bunch to beat!

bb edit2There were three games to be had, starting with the juniors. The referee, from Kent Police, whistled the game to start...  The juniors were on fire!! The speed of the basketball bouncing from floor to hand was unreal along with lightening speed running from one end of the court to the other - blink and you'd miss them... and before we knew they were winning 3-0! The final score saw the juniors win 8-4!

Secondly, the teens were on the court. The social care workers had warmed up by now and were determined to not be beaten! At half time it was neck and neck, 2-2. After a few subs and team tactic talks, a controversial second half saw the social care workers win a sneaky 5-4!!

bb edit3The senior team were up last and after seeing their peers defeated in the last game, they were positive that they couldn't let the young people down! The ref blew the whistle and they were off - and a fierce game it was with brilliant defence and strong attack, the game even saw supporters off their chairs cheering them on! Unfortunately, (due to cheating we say!) the young people lost 6-3.

bb edit4There was rapturous applause from the supporters on the sidelines and huge applause for all those who took part in the match. Councillor Mike O'Brien presented all players with medals for their achievement's that evening and thank all for attending and organising such a momentous game.

"I really enjoyed myself and I want to do something like this again so can't wait for the football! It was really nice to make some new friends and play as a team” Dan, aged 15.

We now look forward to our Children in Care Council Football Match against Social Workers.. We wonder how well the social care workers will do next time..? After the past three years of running this event, our bet is on the young people winning this next one! Watch this space!

"What a really good evening, great fun and fantastic turnout. Thanks very much for getting this together. There are a few staff creaking around the office today, but obviously not me! Looking forward to the football now…" Phil Watson, Assistant Director - Children's Social Care